EcoEnlighten Charitable Organization​

“I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, and climate change.
But I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed, and apathy.
To deal with these we need a spiritual and cultural transformation.” 
Gus Speth - Founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council and the World Resources Institute.

The ECO is leading this transformation by creating a shared vision of an EcoEnlightened future.
  ​​ Mission

The climate crisis is too complicated, too frightning, and too overwhelming. People don't want to think about it much less do anything about it. We are not going to solve the climate crisis until we change this mindset​.

The primary mission of the EcoEnlightened Charitable Organization is to change how people think about the climate crisis. The first step to accomplish this is the same as for any large change effort. It is also something the environmental movement has so far failed to do. We must create a shared vision of where we want to go. When people imagine what life could be like if we solve the climate crisis they become hopeful, their attitudes brighten, and they want to take action to make it happen.

To start the process of creating this shared vision of the future, we first gave it a name, the EcoEnlightened Age. We then developed the narrative of ending the Fossil Fuel Age and dawning the EcoEnlightened Age. This narrative depicts the immense size of the climate crisis and the effort it will take to solve it. At the same time, it says we can solve it, just as we have dawned new ages of mankind throughout history.
How we will accomplish our mission

Our first strategy for accomplishing our mission is to partner with other organizations working to solving the climate crisis. These groups immediatley recognize the issue we are working to solve and are eager to work with us. 

We will also be hosting education and awareness campaigns for schools, groups, and environmental events that attract the attention of students, individuals, and the media. A critical component of these campaigns is the use of humor to break down barriers. As John Cleese famously said, “Laughter destroys any kind of system of dividing people”.

While this is where we plan to initially focus our efforts, we have and are open to other actions and ideas. To learn how we might work with your organization as well as our “Educate the Fossil Fuel Man” kickoff campaign, please contact us.

 We Need Your Help

The ECO is looking for a forward thinking financial partner to be our anchor donor. We  are also seeking advisers, team members, and volunteers. We look to work with individuals who understand the critical nature of our mission, the importance of using humor to change mindsets, and who want to leave a truly meaningful legacy for their kids and future generations.
Educating The Fossil Fuel Man
Why the EcoEnlightened Age?
Enlightened, because just as during the Age of Enlightenment which followed the Dark Ages, facts, reason, and thoughtfulness will be our guiding principles. And Eco for:
Ecology- the age where we live in balance with the world around us.
Economy- the age where we build market driven local living economies.
EcoEnergy- the age where we use fuels from heaven not from hell.

What will the EcoEnlightened Age be like?

Advanced EcoEnergy technologies will certainly make it a futuristic age. However, it will also be an age like when our grandparents and their parents lived. An age where you knew who your neighbors were and where your food came from. It will also be an age of more - more clean water, more clean air, more fish, more wildlife, and a more balanced and peaceful life.